Holy Priest RotationsEdit

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Holy - by Sheuron

Shadow Priest RotationsEdit


Priest Representation

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This profile is primarily created for the PvE Raiding enviroment. It it primarily based on the current updated information from both Elitistjerks Priest section, Priest section, and, along with extensive in-game testing and theorycrafting.

With the 2 basic rotations already added in the package, you should be more than capable to dish out 20-25,000 DPS on a Heroic Training Dummy and brings competitive DPS to any raiding enviroment. (Do note that these numbers depends solely on your gear!)

Key points to notice is that the rotation will check and apply any buffs it can as long as your not mounted or in combat. It'll use Dispersion if you fall towards or bellow 10% Health or 5% Mana and the Rotation comes rusted with Focus and Mouseover abilities.


  • Not using Mind Blast on cooldown or when you have at least 1 Shadow Orb active is a major DPS loss and should be avoided! This is especially true if you have 4PT12 (+15% damage to Mind Blast to the target with your 3 dots on). It all depends on your Mastery Rating along with passive luck of proccing Shadow Orbs
  • On-use trinkets have not been added into any of the profiles! Comfortably, these should be used with as many procs as possible active. (Lightweave, Power Torrent, Shadowfiend, Archangel)
  • Arcane Torrent will only be executed if you've "learned" this racial. This means that no other than Blood Elfs will query this ability!

Mouseover-target Abilities

  • Shadow Word: Pain (For multi-target fights like Lord Rhyolith)
  • Vampiric Touch (For multi-target fights like Lord Rhyolith)

Focus-target Abilities

  • Vampiric Touch
  • Shadow Word: Pain
  • Shadow Word: Death (Checks for Tormented-like debuffs and executes at <25% Health.)

Key Modifiers

  • Press/Hold Right-Alt Key: Casts Mass Dispel at your cursor's location. (Should be coupled with the Glyph of Mass Dispel for a close-to-instant Mass Dispel cast!)

Bundled Profiles

  • PvE - Raiding
  • PvE - Raiding (Restrictive)
  • PvE - Raiding (Mana-Friendly)
  • PvE (Quick-Shot)

You can download the Shadow Priest Profile: hre

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