Rotation configuratorEdit


The configurator will allow you to fine tune and save up to 10 renameable sets of settings for the rotation you are currently using from PQR provided you profile author adds support. 

Ability LogEdit


The ability Log is used to monitor PQR abilities.

Adding a Configuration TableEdit

The RotationConfig table format is used by profile authors to send a set of user controlled options to PQInterface for use in their PQR profiles. 

An example table, very minimalistic:

sampleConfig = {
  name  = 'Blood',
  author = 'Diesal',
  abilities = {
    { name = "Vampric Blood",
      enable = true,
      widget = {
        type = 'numBox',
        value = 40,
        step = 5,
    { name = "Rune Tap",
      enable = false,
      widget = {
        type = 'numBox',
        value = 30,
        step = 10,
  hotkeys = {
    { name = "Dancing Runic Weapon",
      enable = true,
      hotkeys = {'ls'},

The BasicsEdit

Every configuration table requires a name, author and at least one ability or hotkey table (see below).


The following parameters can be used when constructing an ability table entry, note that Name and enable are the only required fields every other field is optional

  • name (String) - Display Name for the ability
  • enable(boolean) - Default state of the ability
  • tooltip(String) - Tooltip for the ability
  • widget (table) - See below
  • newSection (boolean)  - creates a new section between abilties (visually break up groups of abilities to make them easier to read when presenting the user with alot of ablities)


Each ability can contain one of the following widgets:


Simple text input

  • type (string) - Type of widget (txtbox)
  • value (string) - Default value of the text input
  • tooltip (string) - optional tooltip for the widget
  • width (number) - Optional width for the widget


Simple number input for configuring numeric values in a specific range, default (0-100)

  • type (string) - Type of widget ( numbox)
  • value (number) - Default value
  • min (number) - min value
  • max (number) - Max value
  • step (number) - step size when using the mouse wheel on the widget
  • tooltip (string) - tooltip for the widget
  • width (number) - width of the widget


Select style widget with a dropdown pull-out

  • type (string) - Type of widget (select)
  • values (table) - Set the list of values for the dropdown (key => value pairs), the key is used when sending back a variable to pqr, the value is used in the dropdown menu.
  • value (string) - Set the default key for the table
  • tooltip (string) - tooltip for the widget
  • width (number) - width of the widget

Горячие клавишиEdit

Следующие параметры могут быть использованы при построении " горячую клавишу " запись в таблице, имя, включить и горячие клавиши все необходимые поля, подсказка является необязательным.

  • () - Отображаемое Имя способность
  • включить (boolean) - по Умолчанию государства способности
  • горячие клавиши (Таблица) - по Умолчанию горячие клавиши, 'ls'= Сдвиг Влево, 'rs'=Сдвиг Вправо, и др...
  • подсказка (string) - подсказки для " горячих " клавиш


Once you have uncompressed the archive

  • copy the PQInterface folder into your Word of Warcraft Addon folder
  • copy PQR_PQI.lua to you PQR installation Data folder

I have included a sample Deathknight rotation for profile authors to better understand how to implement a rotation configuration into their profiles 

If you experience any problems you may need to reset your PQInterface settings.



     v5.4  14, September, 2013